Suddenly stirred wide awake by a balmy breeze, I slowly have become aware of my environment: The heated sand beneath my stomach cooling off as I slept, the color from the boulder I changed into tucked below shifting ever so slightly away from me as the sun went down, and the sound of the Mediterranean waves crashing along the rock and coral-filled shore. Then I found out it; I just awoke from a drool-inducing midday nap in paradise, otherwise known as Milos.

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Milos, placed in the midst of the Cyclades approximately 110 miles off the coast of mainland Greece, is a place that felt at once completely overseas and prefers home at some stage in my June visit simply as its shoulder season came to an give up. After all, my own family emigrated from Greece to the USA simply generations ago, so this USA runs in my blood. But, the diminutive isle of Milos — most well-known because the website online where the Venus de Milo became determined in 1820 — is something exclusive from the mainland. It’s even precise from its more well-known and larger island counterparts like Mykonos and Santorini. It’s a place all its very own and one which has remained an intently guarded utopia. Until now.

Upon landing in Milos both by means of ferry or through aircraft (seasoned tip: take the flight, it’s a smooth 20 mins vs. An hours-long ferry), it’s smooth to look why preceding travelers and locals alike would want to maintain this region below wraps.

Its rocky shoreline gives manner to a number of the most pristine crystal-blue waters I actually have ever laid eyes on. Its panorama is one sweeping hillside after another, dotted handiest through sparse vegetation, white-washed houses, blue-roofed churches, and a rogue goat or . And its food is divine.

It’s additionally an island I knew I needed to see for the duration of my sojourn to my family’s place of birth as Travel + Leisure readers frequently rave about it. In fact, this 12 months, T+L readers named Milos the Best Island in Europe as a part of the World’s Best Awards.

Walking out of the tiny aircraft, my travel companion and I stopped for a second to surprise at our environment. The airport is not any extra than a single-room building that sounds extra like a chicken sanctuary thanks to what have to be masses of skylarks dwelling in the roof. And that’s simply the start.

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We took a quick cab trip into the primary port of Adamantas, which means that “diamond” in Greek. It’s perhaps one of the most traveler-centric regions at the island, however one well worth travelling all the equal. In the quay you could even hop on a sailboat for a fast cruise across the island.

But we had been there for best a quick go to and to pick up our car apartment for the week, which intended little time for dockside adventures. We fast found out, however, that on Milos, it’s fine to forgo the conventional automobile. Hop on a four-wheeler for more a laugh — and more get right of entry to — instead.

You see, past Adamantas the streets slim in each course. Toward the ocean and alongside the south aspect of the island the street quick turns to dust. Toward the city of Plaka, the roads slim to only allow passage by using foot. So, at the same time as a cumbersome vehicle gets you nowhere, a 4-wheeler will carry you simply a bit towards in which you want to be. (Try Rent-A-Car Milos, they’ll now not simplest give you a splendid deal but are friendly and will tell you all their favorite places at the island too.)

After purchasing our wheels, we made our manner to our Airbnb, placed in Plaka, a town tailored for Mediterranean goals and the region I couldn’t advocate extra on your Milos domestic base.

If you closed your eyes for a minute and allowed yourself to imagine what a Greek town need to appear to be, it’s Plaka. The streets are small and slim, however the city’s humans have taken painstaking care to make sure every detail is in place. All of the buildings are perfectly white-washed, the shutters the precise shade of blue, and the bougainvillea appear to continually be in complete bloom. Even the rocks alongside the roads are all in my opinion painted with white borders just so they seem to pop off the pavement.

We had been met at the doorway to metropolis via our Airbnb host, Eleni, who gave us the grand excursion — which takes about 5 mins — of all her favourite stores, restaurants, and viewpoints. (For the ones looking for hotels rather than a home rental, attempt Villa Notos or Lithos Luxury Rooms, however be warned they ebook up quickly.)

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That night time, we stopped in to dine at one in all her encouraged eating places, Barriello.We thought we didn’t order sufficient with our grilled octopus, greens, dolmas, and hummus. But we forgot those are the Greeks and they will feed you until you explode.

After dinner we made our way to the church up on the hillside of Plaka for the closing Milos provider — sunset. Visitors and locals sat lining the wall shoulder-to-shoulder till the display started out. And once it did there has been utter silence due to the fact this turned into a presentation well worth losing everything for.

The subsequent morning we wakened at sunrise and made our manner to Kilma Village, about a ten-minute drive away. It seemed as even though nobody however us, the cats, and some fishermen were wakeful.

Kilma remains a running fishing port surrounded by way of what are known as syrmata, that are the fishermen’s real homes. Each domestic comes with its very own colorful decor and is carved without delay into the rockside surrounding the water. If you wait lengthy sufficient, you’ll see the proprietors open their gates, brew their espresso, and in case you’re fortunate, invite you in for a flavor.

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