Request Technology Delivers Professionally Managed Corporate Apartments and Hotels in one Platform

SUNRISE, Fla., Aug. 2, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — ReloQuest continues to transform the Travel Industry through innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of Business Travel. request Travelers can access hotels and professionally managed corporate apartments for business travel offering the conveniences of a hotel in a home-like environment. Travelers can search, compare, and instantly book from over 1,000,000 accommodations globally. (700×393)

Employee perception has shifted considering travel a key driver to career advancement. Organizations know a current travel program is a critical asset to support growth, additionally serving as both a recruitment and retention strategy. request features options that best meet travelers demands for a more individual experience while delivering the robust data needed by travel managers to make informed decisions.

A year of dynamic change is ahead for the Corporate Travel sector. The main drivers are technological innovation, a growing global economy, and progressive employee expectations combined with economic stability. GBTA forecasts travel spend to reach $1.7 trillion globally by 2022. Companies are faced with rapid adaptation to meet evolving needs-many harnessing technology to create higher satisfaction for employees and support accelerated production.

the request supports the evolution of travel management via personalization, increased efficiency, and price comparison, plus many features unique to ReloQuest alone. The solution offers a world-wide network of diverse housing options inclusive of professionally managed corporate apartments. A variety of home-like accommodations suitable for extended-stay travel are instantly delivered at significant savings.

The B2E (employee) feature enhances the customer experience with pioneering conveniences. The automated authorization process tracks rates, days, cancellation terms, allowing travel managers to see options that are out of policy requiring authorization. the request makes booking group travel as simple as booking an individual accommodation.

This forward-looking and reflective technology identifies strategic direction and impacts yield management. Every reservation is tracked, providing actionable insight into the past, current, and future predictive trends, consumer behavior, and more.

the request has changed the way accommodations are booked. The revolutionary dashboard reports pending actions in real-time and displays reference points. The solution sends reminders on when to complete plans, approve or cancel bookings. ProQuest delivers mobile service into the hands of travel managers and their employees, evolving to meet the needs of a global workforce.

About ReloQuest

request Technology is shaping the course of travel management–integrating clients, suppliers, and guests throughout the process of their accommodation. This transparent and intuitive business solution increases efficiency up to a reported 80%, assists in determining best options, reports data, and impacts ROI.

Finding the right hotel accommodations that will meet your needs and expectations is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Not quite, but almost like it. If you’re the type of traveler that has particular preferences, finding the hotel that will suit you, well ahead of your scheduled trip, would serve you best.

Travel agencies will be a good starting point in your research. More so, online travel guides will also be able to assist you in making the right choice of hotel. But before you tackle the quick points of finding the right hotel accommodations, here are a few questions you should have ready answers to:

1. Are you planning a vacation or a business trip?

2. Are you traveling with an infant or children?

3. Would you prefer downtown hotels, airport hotels or city hotels?

4. What is your budget?

5. How many days do you plan to stay?

Having answers to the above questions will help you set your sights on a specific kind of accommodation and will help you maximize your trip. For most parents like me, I base my hotel preference on the three criteria I have come up with over the many years of traveling:

SAFETY: First ground rule should include the safety considerations of me and my little girl. Every year when we plan out our trips, I consider hotels that are strategically located near police stations, first aid stations, clinics or hospitals, and even fire stations. If we are going for a really far away trip like last year’s island-hopping adventure, I opted to check in hotel accommodations that included 24-hour security, enough hotel staff to assist you in whichever way, with pools that are constantly guarded by “lifeguards”, and most importantly, have great fireproof plans and fire extinguishers on hand.

It is also essential to note that hotels that have garnered a three, four and five-star rating would provide their best security and safety assistance to their hotel guests. However, if you prefer a more intimate and personal setting, I have discovered that bed and breakfasts, travel lodges, inns, and business hotels prioritize safety in their considerations as well.

CONVENIENCE: Finding a grocery store, a pharmacy or even a parlor should be possible if you are the kind of traveler who would put convenience in your preference list. Hotel accommodations are now being marketed by the convenience that they offer to their hotel guests. Most hotels can be found in the middle of the metropolis or downtown area wherein good restaurants, shopping centers, recreation centers, and relaxation centers are within an arm’s reach.

Even far-flung hotels specified for weekend get-aways, honeymoons and quiet retreats also mark convenience in their priorities. These hotels provide their guests with add-on services like in-house massages and spas, free internet connection, room food service, and in-house parlors, boutiques and souvenir shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

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